Frequently Asked Questions

What is Efforhire?

It’s the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. It’s a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. Buyers look for services within many categories, including: Graphics and design, digital marketing, writing and translation and more than Freelancers offer.

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Why Should I sign up for Efforhire?

When you sign up you will be an Efforhire user.

That means you can be a Buyer and Seller with the same Efforhire account.

As a Seller:

Your time is valuable when you work on buyer’s projects/service/proposal.

As a Buyer:

Your money is secure and safe until you approve your Seller’s project/service/proposal.

Note: Please keep in mind that we are not responsible for anything that happens outside of the Efforhire platform.

How do I find projects on the platform?

As a Client, you can browse through various projects posted on the platform and apply to the ones that match your skillset and experience.

What About Shipping Issues?

Efforhire platform is 100% digital, that Means Free shipping.

Do you Want your language in Efforhire Webiste???

Just use instant translation with Google traduction extension.
We are about to adding Some Languages
Stay tuned!

 Payment Issues, Missed the deadline of project/proposal/service?

Every payment that have pass away the deadline of each project/proposal/service, will be automatically, either Approve or cancel.

Note: Make sure to send a support ticket if you have any issues,

we are here to help.

How do I get paid on the platform?

The platform typically holds the payment from the client until the project is completed to their satisfaction. The payment is then released to the freelancer.

For NOW, all payments are processed through PayPal. be sure to have a Paypal account for that.

Other payments will be available as soon as Possible including:

  • bank transfer for Marocain
  • Strip
  • wise
  • advcash
  • mush more…

What happens if a client is not satisfied with my work?

 The platform typically has a dispute resolution process in place to address any issues that may arise between freelancers and clients. You can reach out to the platform’s support team for assistance at

How do I know if a client is reputable?

The platform typically has a review and rating system in place to help freelancers evaluate the reputation of potential clients. You can also check their profile and portfolio before applying for a project.

What happens if a project is cancelled before completion?

The platform’s policies regarding project cancellations and payment will vary, but typically the client will be refunded and the freelancer will not be paid for any work completed up to that point.

How do I ensure the security of my personal and financial information on the platform as well as data retention?

The platform should have security measures in place to protect the sensitive information of both freelancers and clients. You can also take steps to protect your information by only providing necessary information and keeping login credentials secure.

Personal data retention including:

  • Retain inactive accounts in 15 Months
  • Retain pending orders in 10 days
  • Retain failed orders in 5 days
  • Retain cancelled orders in 2 days

Are there any fees for using the platform as a freelancer?

Yes, most freelancers based business platforms charge a fee for using their services.

Here at Efforhire, either as a percentage of the project payment is 10%  on every purchased or a monthly subscription fee is $15 a PRO Freelancer.

If you have any questions you simply shoot us: at

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